Metro Flatback 10” Corner Shelf – Available in 8 Colors

General Details

Designed for installation over existing tile walls, the Questech Metro Flatback corner shelves are made of our high-end cast stone composite material that can add the perfect finishing touch to your bathroom. The drainage hole helps to prevent water pooling from on the surface and they are treated with our lifetime sealer making them mold and rustproof. Perfect for DIY home projects, the corner shelf, soap dish, and footrest options are ready to install and grout.

Product Benefits:

Premium Material – Questech products are made of lightweight cast stone and cast metal composite material which combines real premium stone and metals such as nickel silver, bronze, and iron with polymers and ceramic for a high-quality finish

Mold and Rust Resistant – Ideal bathroom shower organizer storage for shampoo and soap because our patented Q-Seal technology is made for wet areas providing an antimicrobial, scratch-resistant surface that protects against rust, stains, mold, and mildew

No Drill Installation – Our 1-2-3 step installation makes it easy to install over existing tile and bathroom surfaces without damaging your tile

Made in the USA

Package Includes:

  • 1 Flatback corner shelf
  • Tape Tabs
  • Installation and care instructions


A full list of recommended adhesives will be listed in the detailed installation instruction sheet included with your purchase. Select one of the following construction adhesive types most suitable for your application:

Two-part epoxy gel/paste adhesive: Designed for vertical and overhead surfaces with no-run no-drip formula


Polyurethane construction adhesive: 1 part polyurethane formula


Design Size Color Product SKU
Metro Flatback Corner Shelf 10” Bright White Polished SBA153-23
Metro Flatback Corner Shelf 10” Bright White Matte SBA153-67
Metro Flatback Corner Shelf 10” Gray Polished SBA153-21
Metro Flatback Corner Shelf 10” Gray Matte SBA153-12
Metro Flatback Corner Shelf 10” Cool Gray Polished SBA153-62
Metro Flatback Corner Shelf 10” White Polished SBA153-13
Metro Flatback Corner Shelf 10” Sand Matte SBA153-03
Metro Flatback Corner Shelf 10” Graphite Matte MBA153-086


Technical Info


Tile surfaces are protected by Q-Seal, a permanent sealer that is water and stain resistant, protects against abrasion, and features Ultra-Fresh® anti-microbial protection, which inhibits the growth of stain and odor-causing mold and mildew. Q-Seal is factory-applied and never needs re-sealing. Stone or grout sealer inadvertently applied to the surface cannot penetrate or adversely affect Q-Seal. Simply wipe excess sealer off the tile.

Questech warrants that for a period of 12 months from date of purchase Questech tiles will not fail to meet the performance specifications outlined in the Technical Performance Summary (see below), due to manufacturing defects.

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